Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments


The Commission is a statutory corporate body and is independent in the performance of its functions. The Law establishing the Commission has given it sufficient freedom and latitude in reaching its decisions and is completely insulated from politics. Members do not represent political parties as they are not supposed to be members of any political party, but operate on the principle of supporting the House and House Members equally in the performance of their duties as elected representatives of the people. The Commission has no role in relation to parliamentary business.

          The Commission is the public service body and the highest policy making body which decision is implemented by the management. The Commission is scheduled to hold statutory Plenary Board meeting twice in a month and at least once monthly every Tuesday and regular management meeting


Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission has three Departments in line with Section 16 of the Enabling Law and, through which it carries out its statutory duties. They are:

  • Department of Administration & Supplies
  • Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Department of Finance and Account